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Why is Content so Important?

Content is the most powerful, persuasive and valuable cog in the marketing chain. Write good content and it has the power to generate your business hundreds if not thousands of new leads and vastly increase customer acquisition. Write poor content and the results could be irreversible, damaging your reputation and making you and your business look unprofessional. Your content should showcase your vast array of skills, services or products and engage your target audience, making them trust you and want what you have to offer. Achieve this, and your reputation and sales will go through the roof.

The Core Essence of Marketing.

Content is the core essence of any marketing campaign. You can have the perfect campaign; great design, eye-catching imagery and enticing call to actions, but if the content is boring, unpersuasive and unclear then the campaign will never be a success. Poor Content will lead to your campaign being ignored and dismissed, as it simply will not get across the message you want it to, or capture the imagination of the prospect. Content should inspire and motivate prospects, make them want what you have to offer. Good copy will put your campaign directly in front of your target audience, capturing their imaginations and making them think about what they are missing out on. Leading to the generation of leads, sales and increased profit margins. A great campaign starts at the source, and for marketing, copy is that source, so make sure you know exactly what you want to get across and what you want the prospect to think, to give your marketing campaigns the greatest chance of success they could possibly have.

Effective Marketing

Email Marketing is the frontline of direct marketing in the modern day. The emergence of Smart Phones has boosted the effectiveness of email marketing, as anyone can now access their emails anywhere without having to log onto a desktop computer. This new technology has made email marketing one of the most effective lead generators available to date. 1 in 3 marketers use email as their sole channel for generating leads and with an average return on investment of £44 per £1 spent, it's easy to see why. So why use other forms of marketing?

Cross-channel Marketing

Email marketing as previously mentioned is excellent for generating leads, but what if you could take it to the next level and create more opportunities for yourself than you ever imagined. Cross-channel marketing is the key. Unlock the door to a whole new world of lead generation. One marketing channel may not always work and therefore linking multiple channels together maximises your chances of converting prospects into customers. For example, you could launch a full-scale sales campaign across all of your marketing mediums. Send out an email marketing campaign that links to a specific landing page on your website, whilst simultaneously releasing a press release and a blog. Then post this to all of your social media pages with a link back to your website/blog and suddenly you've reached more people than you could ever imagine and the leads are flying in. Cross-channel marketing allows you to reach as many people as you possibly can, exposing you to prospects that you may not have even been aware of. This will vastly increase the chances of lead generation and customer acquisition.

This may seem like a lot to do and you may not have the skills, expertise or time to be able to do this yourself. Here at Equinox Marketing, we can create comprehensive and accurate marketing campaigns across all the marketing channels mentioned above, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Alternatively, we offer marketing consultancy to give guidance and advice on how to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Contact us today by calling 01934 643961 or by emailing to get additional information or a quote.

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