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Equinox Marketing Sponsor Team Rhino for the London 100 in aid of The Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Equinox Marketing, the specialist marketing agency are sponsoring Team Rhino, who are participating in the Prudential Ride London 100 to raise money for The Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Team Rhino consists of 6 members who have previously competed in the London Orbital. They are using their passion for riding and competing to raise money for a great cause.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is a charity that offers hope to people affected by primary bone cancer. They are dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer and are uniquely placed to make a difference through research. Their ambition is a future where primary bone cancer is cured.

As part of their efforts to raise money for The Bone Cancer Research Trust, Team Rhino have been creating, by hand elephants made from leather that they are giving away for a 1 pound donation. All money raised through sponsorship and the sales of elephants are going directly to The Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Sean Mchenry, CC (Chief Coach) of Team Rhino commented;" We all love going for a bike ride and recently competed in our first group event at the London Orbital. The Prudential Ride London 100 is a tough event and we couldn't think of a better way to raise money for charity. It combines our passion with a great cause and we can't wait to see how much money we raise. The elephants have been flying out and the sponsorship of Equinox Marketing has got us well on the way to raising a decent sum for The Bone Cancer Research Trust."

Troy Hannam, Director of Equinox Marketing Commented; " Team Rhino are supporting a great cause and we couldn't wait to get involved. Here at Equinox we strongly believe that doing your part to help raise money for charity is vital for the future. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees and therefore we feel that it is a part of our responsibility as a local business to help raise money for charities like The Bone Cancer Research Trust, who are trying their best to make a difference."

If you would like to donate some money to this fantastic cause, please Click Here and then follow the instructions.

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