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GodfreyHall Goes Live

Equinox Marketing, the specialist copywriting and marketing provider has partnered with GodfreyHall to provide them with a brand-new website.

GodfreyHall Ltd is a building services company based in Bristol. Who offers a wide range of services to both domestic and commercial clients, aiming to deliver high-quality services at competitive rates.

GodfreyHall were looking for a new website after their previous site had become obsolete and fallen behind the times. It was unresponsive and contained outdated information and therefore GodfreyHall chose Equinox Marketing to bring them up to speed.

Simon Godfrey, Partner at GodfreyHall commented: "We needed a new website as the previous one was over 5 years old and contained lots of information that was no longer relevant or was outdated. The whole world is going mobile at the moment and our previous website wasn't responsive at all, meaning we could have been missing out on potential prospects. We contacted Equinox and outlined what we wanted. They got to work right away and kept us in the loop with updates and meetings to ensure they were building what we desired. The customer service was excellent and we are extremely happy with what they have produced."

Equinox Marketing provides marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses to help them increase sales and marketing results at realistic and affordable prices. One of the services provided is Website Creation. Equinox takes into account, branding, style, target audience, company personality and ideas that each business has when building a new website, to ensure that you are fully satisfied and happy with the site that has been produced for your business.

Troy Hannam, Director at Equinox Marketing commented:" A website is one of, if not the most important platform to convert prospects into customers for your business. The first thing people often look at when recommended or searching for a business to use, is their website, shortly followed by their social media. If a prospect goes onto your website and it is old, outdated, unresponsive and generally not very nice to look at, they will be instantly deterred and move onto the next company. If it is fresh, up to date and looks great, they will be more inclined to use you."

For more information about our website creation service or a quote from Equinox Marketing call 01934 643961 or email

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