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Why Blog Writing is Great for your Business.

A blog or "news" section on your website is a valuable asset for your company. People often think it's just some additional content that prospects/customers may or may not read when they come onto your website. It's just there to fill up space and add additional information or updates about your business.

This, however, just isn't the case, blogs can and will do so much more for your business than you ever imagined.

Enhance Your Reputation

A weekly blog will allow you to update your target audience on the latest products, developments and services your business is offering as well as milestones and your recently completed projects or partnerships. Show your expertise, knowledge, skillset and outstanding work to your target audience and they will trust you, leading to the enhancement of your reputation and the opportunity for your business to become a key influencer within your profession. Once you have a prospect's trust and they can physically see your companies' professional knowledge and skills, when it comes to the time that they need the products/services you offer, they will only be considering one company for the job and that will be you.

Rank Higher on Google

Blogs will help your business rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. If you are writing a story about a product or service, for example, blog writing, your keyword for that story will be "blogs" or "blog writing", you would then explain your expertise, why you need this service, give prior examples and then link your story back to your blog writing page on your website. This allows Google to verify that the page is relevant for that search term I.e. if someone searches for "blog writing services" your page will rank higher than a company that only has the singular services page to do with blog writing, whilst you have a services page and a blog that links back to your service page and therefore Google will see you as more relevant and rank you higher than the company that does not have a blog on that particular service. This will lead to more organic traffic getting through to your website, which in hand leads to more enquiries and ultimately more sales.

Add a Variety of Content to Your Social Media Accounts

Pretty much everyone uses Social Media as a channel to market products and services nowadays, and if you don't you really should be. However, a lot of businesses use the same strategy over and over again when it comes to Social Media and this can become quite stale especially if you are a serial poster. A standard post tends to consist of a bit of text and one or more pictures with infographics and video content also becoming extremely popular and successful. Blog Writing gives you an extra dimension and an extra option to post to your Social Media accounts, it is something that not everyone else does and it drives prospects straight through to your website, which is exactly where you want them to be in order to drive enquiries. It gives you that little something different and in the modern world where millennials are drawn to tiny pieces of information that may or not benefit them, this could be the difference that gets you noticed.

Not everyone has the time to write their own blogs for their business, and therefore, Equinox Marketing, the specialist content marketing agency can do it for you.

We offer Blog Writing Solutions from as little as £50 per week.

Contact us now for more information or a quote on 01934 643961 or email

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