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What Does the Future Hold for Marketing?

Marketing like business is constantly moving, evolving and innovating to become bigger and better than ever before. Technology is advancing at a staggering rate, and with new technology comes the opportunity to create new types of content. It is allowing creative people to build and reach thousands of customers and prospects within minutes, with content that is often humorous, clever, simple and most importantly effective.

All you have to do is look at the current trend football clubs are employing to unveil new signings to see that even they are innovating with wacky and never before seen ideas to draw attention, get their moment in the spotlight and raise their reputation and online presence.

With all these advances and innovative ideas being produced now, what does the future hold for marketing?

Mobile Phones

Mobile devices in general such as tablets, smart phones and smart watches are key to the future of marketing. With the ability to customize everything from your website and email marketing campaigns to social media promotions and online adverts, mobile is quickly becoming the centre of the marketing universe. The focus is already shifting to the small screen as it allows you as a business to create a more personalized relationship with your prospects and customers. Mobile devices are set to become a key cog in the marketing chain, and you must tailor your campaigns to be responsive to these devices or you risk missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.

Good content will always be Necessary

Good content such as images, videos and infographics will always be relevant, they may adapt in certain ways such as for Virtual Reality Headsets and apps such as Snapchat but there will always be a need for good content. Visual content is already heavily relied on in online marketing and social media and this looks set to increase as hundreds of videos go viral every single day. In the future, it may not be about how good your content is, but about how quickly and regularly you can churn out great visual content to your target audience. The more good content you can produce in the shortest amount of time will lead to you getting the most attention and therefore converting the most prospects.

Customer Created Content will take the Limelight

Customer testimonials and case studies have always been a popular and effective form of marketing, what better way to show off your business than through a success story. It adds proof and authenticity to what you and your business are doing and therefore persuades more prospects to choose you. In the future, this type of marketing is only going to get bigger, social media has revolutionized the way consumers can interact with businesses and sites such as WordPress have made it easier than ever before for someone to have their own blog. There are so many platforms where people can write, review and directly message your business that other people can see, and therefore it is vital that you create a positive impact and influence on everyone that you deal with, as that person could go and write on any of the above and essentially promote your business for you. Customer generated content is set to become one of the biggest hitters in the marketing world with businesses likely to start co-creating more and more content with their customers. This is one to keep an eye on and start implementing for your business as soon as possible.

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