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5 Marketing Tips to Help You Increase Lead Generation

Lead Generation today is arguably one of the toughest tasks small businesses face. 35% of small businesses in 2016 saw lead generation as their most significant challenge and with more and more businesses launching every day this challenge isn't getting any easier.

In this blog, we are going to explore 5 Marketing Strategies that will help you Increase Lead Generation.

1. Content Marketing – Content marketing doesn't just mean writing blogs and posting them on social media, it can be a variety of different materials. It can involve surveys to get information about your target audience, videos to increase engagement rates and explain effectively what you offer and Infographics to present factual and interesting information in a visually pleasing manner. Blog writing does work and is very effective when it comes to lead generation but to maximise your chances and keep your target audience interested you need a variety of content. Display information in multiple forms and you will catch the attention of a wide range of prospects rather than just a single bracket and therefore, you are much more likely to increase the amount of leads you generate.

2. Social Media – Social Media is a relatively new form of marketing but it has taken the business world by storm. It is now easier than ever before to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential prospects. It has made communication easier and allowed creativity to thrive as businesses create new and exciting content to help them stand out above the rest. Paid campaigns allow for highly targeted marketing materials to reach your specific target audience and get results, and the beauty of it is, you can choose the budget no matter how low or high. It is perfect for smaller businesses looking to get noticed and if you aren't utilising it yet then you are falling behind. Social Media is still relatively new in marketing terms but if you are looking to generate some leads this could be the perfect platform for your business to succeed.

3. Events/Networking – Creating a local small event could get you the attention you need. Whether it is a simple free networking event for local businesses to come and mingle which you merely host, it will get you noticed and get you business. Face to face communication is still king when it comes to getting new clients on board and hosting a networking event will allow you to get a host of prospects directly in front of you without the pressure of an official business meeting or pitch. Alternatively, you could invite local businesses to a "talk" or "presentation "where you explain the latest technological advances or trends in your industry to cement yourself as the local professional. This will stick in the minds of the businesses that attend and when they need the services that you offer, it is extremely likely that they will be contacting you first.

4. SEO – Getting ranked highly on search engines is vital to ensure that you get as much organic traffic through to your site as possible. The more visitors you get the more chance you have of getting a higher number of enquiries, and in-turn sales. Organic search marketing is arguably one of the most valuable long-term strategies for generating B2B leads, this isn't a short-term fix and you have to be constantly on the ball to ensure you continue to rank highly. If you start to slip, so will your rankings and this will have a snowball effect on your traffic, enquiries and sales. Strong SEO is a by-product of doing things well in other areas such as design, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing, and social media. Get this right and you will start to see the leads fly in.

5. Bring it all Together – To increase lead generation you need to bring all of your marketing efforts together to create continuity and a strong brand. If you take the four examples above they can all be used in conjunction with each other to become a strong and effective marketing strategy that will increase the amount of leads that your business generates. Combine tactics across multiple channels and don't be afraid to experiment, this will give you a greater understanding of what is working and what isn't. Combine all of the successful marketing experiments together and you will have yourself a proven marketing strategy that works for your business. Use your time effectively and you will generate higher returns on your investment, and increase lead generation results substantially.

At Equinox Marketing, we specialise in helping small businesses build continuity throughout their marketing campaigns, improve lead generation and most importantly, increase sales. We offer a variety of Marketing Services to meet your needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

For more information on any of the above or to talk about your marketing needs call 01934 643961 or email

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