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The Power of Social Media Competitions

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool, we have spoken about it previously and explored its capabilities, how effective it can be and how a variety of posts can help achieve better results.

One bit of advice that seems to be plastered around the Internet is to not be robotic. You want to relate to your target audience, encourage them to engage, have a bit of fun and banter but at the end of the day, you still want to be professional and convert those engagements into leads and sales. There is a fine line between being professional and taking it too far, and this line can vary in different professions and industries.

One particular type of Social Media Campaign that tends to get you a lot of exposure, likes, engagements and business, whilst looking professional is Social Media Competitions.

A typical social media competition entails people liking, sharing and commenting on a post in order to win a prize. This Prize can be anything from a gift card, cinema tickets, a certain product from that particular company to in extreme cases a holiday or a car. These competitions to start off with may require a small financial sacrifice (depending on what your prize is), but the rewards and leads you can gain from this investment could be substantial and well worth the sacrifice.

We would always recommend giving away one of your own products rather than cinema tickets etc. as then you know that the people who are commenting, liking and sharing your post are a part of your target audience and are interested in your products. This will unveil a whole host of prospects that you may not have previously been aware of.

When commenting they are also likely to give hints and reasons why they want your product, it could be because the one they already have is broken or outdated or they want it but simply haven't got around to getting it yet, either way, you are gaining valuable information on your prospects. Then, when it comes to the lucky draw and someone wins, you are left with a load of prospects who want your product but for one reason or another haven't got it yet. You can then contact them and see what you can do for them and more often than not it will result in sales.

In a recent campaign completed with one of Equinox's clients who did a Social Media Competition, they had people commenting on the competition post asking for quotes on a particular product before the winner had even been announced. This type of campaign had won them business before it had been completed and therefore the evidence was there for all to see about how effective and powerful these types of campaigns can be. This is without taking into consideration the exposure, the page likes the newly found prospects and the engagements also generated by the same post.

Social Media Competitions are extremely powerful and we would recommend utilising them if your business has the products and financial capabilities to do so.

At Equinox, we can manage Social Media Campaigns, create content and maintain your social media accounts, with monthly reports of engagement rates and enquiries being fed directly back to you, so you are always in the loop. Whether you simply want to raise your online presence or launch a full-scale campaign, we have the resources, expertise and service that can help you.

For more information on any of the above or a quote on our Social Media Marketing Services call 01934 643961 or email

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