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Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

With Christmas fast approaching you and your business have the opportunity to have one big final push before the year is out. As the end of the year edges closer, consumers and businesses alike are looking to make purchases during the festive period. Businesses are looking for gifts to give to their clients and people are buying presents for their friends and family, giving you a massive opportunity to make a lot of sales in a short period of time.

No matter what marketing channels or platforms you use, there are ways that you can doll up your marketing efforts to reflect the festive period, entice more customers and steal a march of your competitors. This opportunity to vastly increase sales in such a short period of time only comes around once a year, and therefore, it is absolutely vital that you make the most of it.

Below we are going to outline some small yet effective Christmas marketing ideas for Small businesses to help you improve lead generation and sales this Christmas.

Add some Christmas Style to Your Branding

This is a simple idea to show your audience and target market that you are in the Christmas spirit, you aren't just a robot trying to make sales. Edit your logo, social media profile pictures, create a Snapchat filter, change your packaging or edit your website to incorporate something Christmassy and unique and use them throughout the Christmas period. Don't go overboard though as you don't want to affect your brand recognition you just want people to know that you and your business are in the festive spirit.

A Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has improved substantially in recent years and Christmas is the perfect time to take advantage of this. Create a custom Christmas template that incorporates presents, special offers and animations. This way it will look great visually and instantly entice prospects to read more about what you are offering over the Christmas period. This will help generate leads and sales instantly. This type of campaign is perfect to promote time-sensitive offers on particular products. If you are looking for fast results we highly recommend a Christmas email marketing campaign.

Social Media Competitions

What better time to have a social media competition than Christmas? Everyone loves free stuff, but at Christmas when people are spending a lot of money anyway, a competition could see your engagements, likes, shares, retweets etc. go through the roof. This could lead to people who don't win the competition buying your product anyway as they may not have been aware of what you had to offer before. Even if the worse comes to worse and the competition doesn't lead directly to increased sales, it could give your business huge exposure to prospects that were not even aware of your existence which will benefit your business exponentially in the future.

Christmas offers, Gift sets, Discounts

Christmas is the perfect time to give some special promotional discounts, gift sets or offers on your products or services. If you offer products you could do 15% off, or if you offer a service based on hourly work it could be pay for 5 hours and get one free. You can tailor this to any business regardless of whether you are b2b or b2c based and once you are happy with the offering/discount that you have decided upon for Christmas, you need to broadcast it to everyone via every marketing channel that you use in order to ensure your entire target market sees what you have to offer this Christmas. This is extremely likely to vastly increase your sales over the festive period.

There are numerous other ways you can utilise the Christmas period to increase sales, we have touched on a few above and urge anyone that hasn't focussed any of their marketing efforts yet on the festive period to do it asap before you are too late.

If you need help creating and implementing your Christmas Marketing Campaigns or merely need some advice, feel free to call us 01934 643961 or email and we will be happy to discuss your marketing requirements and needs.

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