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How Can You Generate Leads Without Spending a Fortune?

Lead Generation is vital for any business, whether you are a local toy shop or a B2B company selling a valuable service, we all need ways of generating new leads to ensure our business is sustainable and continues to thrive in the future.

However, many businesses nowadays struggle when it comes to generating new leads and most small business owners would say that lead generation is one their biggest concerns when it comes to their business.

Some companies can afford to spend a large chunk of their budgets trying to generate new leads and more often than not this pays off and they go from strength to strength, whilst other businesses cannot afford to spend this type of money and rely on more traditional forms of lead generation such as recommendations, word of mouth and knocking on doors.

As the new year is nearly upon us many businesses will be turning their attention to next year and planning strategies to help generate more leads, increase sales and ultimately, boost profits.

Therefore, we are going to explore how you can generate leads without spending a fortune.

Create Interesting and Eye-Catching Content

Content is vital to any marketing campaign, images and videos draw the audience in and it's the actual content within it that converts them to a customer. It is essential that you use a plethora of different content for your campaigns and marketing channels. Utilise video, images, infographics, testimonials, graphics the list go on and on but ensure all of them link together through clear, strong branding. Combine strong, persuasive content with eye-catching design work and you will see your lead generation start to improve in no time at all.

Create a Content Distribution Strategy

It's no good creating great content if you aren't distributing it to the right target audience. Ensure the content you send out whether it be by email, social media, Pay Per Click or online advertising is landing right in front of your perfect target market. It is vital you do some research to ensure you have the right data, search terms and followers/likes on social media to allow your content to make an impression on this audience and convert them from prospects to customers. You could blanket market to absolutely everybody, but in the modern day this isn't very effective at all and is often quite expensive. It is best to be as niche and targeted as possible to generate the best results.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile internet usage is the highest it has ever been, surpassing desktop and laptop computers and it is only going to continue getting bigger and better. Prospects love to use their mobile devices to access emails, content on social media and to browse through websites. Therefore, it is vital that every piece of marketing content that you create must be mobile friendly to ensure you are reaching every prospect that you possibly can. If a person opens an email or website that is not responsive, they are likely to discard it instantly, rather than mess around trying to zoom into the section they want to see. Being mobile friendly is no longer the future it is essential now, so make sure you are up to speed.

Use Data to your Advantage.

Nowadays with advanced email marketing software, social media platforms, online advertising, Pay Per Click and remarketing ads we are exposed to a large volume of data. All of these channels allow you to see who has clicked on what, what they searched for, how many times it has been viewed etc. But many business owners purely look at this to see their conversion rates and how many leads they have gathered from a certain campaign. This data can and should be used for so much more, you can analyse it to see exactly what is working and what isn't. Get rid of the deadwood and increase the budget on the more successful campaigns, find out exactly what they are searching to find your content and tailor more campaigns to that. Is one campaign getting a load of clicks but no conversions? Perhaps your defined target audience is slightly wrong, change it and change your results at the same time. This will result in more accurate and targeted marketing that will get you sales. It is also likely to save you some money as well as you won't be wasting it on ineffective campaigns.

The above are some tips that you can use to help generate leads more cost-effectively and efficiently. It will take some time and effort to implement the factors above, but the results you will receive when it comes to lead generation will be well worth the hard graft you have put in.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like Equinox to help you and your business implement the tips spoken about above, please call 01934 643961 or email

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