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Marketing Trends – February 2018

As the first two months of the year is nearly over, we are going to take a look at some early marketing trends that have started to show themselves at this early stage of the year and whether they are likely to become trends that will progress throughout 2018.

Marketing is constantly changing, moving forward and evolving thanks to advances in technology and the ever-changing behaviour of consumers and different generations. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you are on the ball when it comes to trends that are emerging within marketing to ensure you carry on getting the best results you possibly can.

What Trends are starting to show early on in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and it is being utilised more often than ever before in marketing at this current time. AI is and will continue to be used to drive customer conversions by interpreting the behaviour of a person and then predicting what the customer wants to buy next, and when which will be absolutely key to driving conversions and therefore increasing sales. This is being utilised very well in chatbots that are helping to read and analyse what a prospect is looking for quickly and efficiently and therefore taking them to the exact information and product that they need quickly in order to drive a sale. Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development but we expect it to be vital in the future of marketing to drive conversions, sales and ultimately growth.

Live Video

Live video is becoming extremely popular in the modern day thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter releasing new features which allow people and businesses to live stream events. They are particularly effective at getting information across in a creative and interesting way which draws prospects and customers to watch. This is a great way of building your audience and getting clear, precise messages out to people which will result in increased leads and sales. It is becoming even more popular for businesses who are using it in a creative and exciting way such as drawing competition winners and live how-to guides. It is likely that we will see this evolve throughout 2018 as more and more companies get on the bandwagon and come up with even more exciting ways to live stream content. We are very excited to see how far this trend can go as the creative potential is extremely large and we expect it to be a trend that carries on into next year.


The average person uses multiple social media platforms on a daily basis and their followers are constantly on the rise. We have seen the trend where companies use celebrities to promote a particular service or product which is extremely effective as they can get a message across to millions of people in one hit. The problem with this though especially for smaller businesses is the fact that it is not cheap and is often out of their price range. However, a trend is emerging where smaller businesses can utilise the "average joe" to reach out to their growing audience. Especially utilising friends and family you can often get this for free, or by sacrificing a product as a payment to promote what you offer to their followers meaning you will reach more and more people on a daily basis and therefore increase the chances of additional leads and sales. This is a trend that if used correctly and to the right audience depending on what products/services you offer could be extremely effective for your business at a low cost. This along with your own business social media accounts will help vastly increase the area that your posts reach and therefore give you a greater chance of success and conversions.

There will plenty of additional trends that will come before the year is out and we have briefly touched on a few that can help your business stay ahead, on-trend and relevant. However, it is vital that you always spend the time to research and test new forms of marketing to ensure the continued success and growth of your business.

The sole ambition of Equinox Marketing is to help companies like yours increase their marketing and sales results at affordable and realistic prices.

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