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Website Maintenance and Upkeep

Don't Fall Behind

Website Maintenance and Upkeep is one of those annoying jobs that needs to be done to ensure all your content, images, videos, blogs and testimonials are up to date. Yet it always gets pushed to the back of the pile and new content rarely gets published or updated, meaning the information on your site could be irrelevant, stale and outdated. At Equinox we understand that small to medium sized business owners are often busy focusing on lead generation and current clients, so jobs like this are often forgotten and never done. The problem is, this can affect your businesses reputation and deter potential prospects from using you. If the information on your site is old and now thanks to advances in technology, irrelevant then prospects will take one look and move onto the next site. Old images and testimonials can make your site look ancient and uninviting and push visitors away rather than enticing them, your website should display everything that is great about your business. If you don't have the time to regularly update your website, let Equinox do it for you. Based in Weston-Super-Mare we offer a Website Maintenance Service for a small monthly fee.

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New Website Content

Adding new and exciting content to your website is essential to keep your business relevant and on-trend. A regular Blog is a great way to keep adding fresh, modern content to your website. Whilst refreshing old information is a must, especially when it comes to testimonials and content that was written a long time ago. Noone likes to read stale information from 2010, they want the latest news and products/services that are being released in your profession and from your business. Keep up-to-date and relevant and your business will always attract new customers, fall behind and let your content slide into the "irrelevant" category and you will soon see your enquiries and sales take a turn for the worst. Contact us now and let Equinox keep you in the limelight.

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