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Email Marketing


The Gold Standard

Email Marketing has never been so effective. Since the emergence of Smart Phones and the ability to access your inbox anywhere, email marketing has become an influential part of any marketing strategy. 73% of businesses rated email marketing as “excellent” for return on investment. It is a quick, simple marketing channel that generates strong leads. Not only is email marketing effective in generating leads for your sales teams, it is also extremely cost effective compared to other forms of marketing.

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Effective Lead Generation

Email marketing is one of the largest and most used marketing channels in the world with over 1 billion emails sent every day. You may think this means you have less chance of success; in reality, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. On average, every £1 a professional email marketer invests, returns between £30 and £40 in new business. The demand and results are clear for all to see and if you aren’t utilising email marketing then you are missing out on thousands of potential prospects. Equinox, based in Weston-Super-Mare can write, build and send inspiring and engaging email marketing campaigns on your behalf. Witness for yourself effective lead generation.

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