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Get Your Very Own Marketing Manager

Are you looking to step up your marketing efforts? But can’t afford to employ someone full time to do the job? Or maybe you don’t have the expertise or skillset to do it yourself? Equinox Marketing may very well have the service for you.

Hire your very own Marketing Manager

Equinox Marketing have launched a brand-new service where you can hire your very own Marketing Manager. If you need some marketing materials created, a campaign launched, or a strategy planned, this could be the perfect service for you.

Whether you want a day a week, or a day a month, the choice is completely yours. Prior to the Marketing Manager arriving at your premises to work, he will conduct some research to ensure he knows all about your business and it's products/services.

Then, once he has arrived, he is yours for the day, he will do exactly what you require, or if you want him to work independently and advise you on campaigns then he will do so.

This service could be used for multiple purposes:

  • To work on existing marketing projects

  • To plan, implement and conclude marketing campaigns

  • To give advice, training and guidance on marketing activity

  • To create marketing materials and content

  • Copywriting

  • Support

  • Research

  • Social Media and online presence strengthening

Equinox Marketing provide a number of marketing services to help your business grow. If this service isn’t quite right for your business, we also provide: Website Creation, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, PR, Copywriting and Marketing Consultation.

The sole ambition of Equinox Marketing is to help you increase your marketing and sales results at affordable and realistic prices.

If you are interested in having your very own Marketing Manager, whenever you need him, or would like some more information about our marketing services please call 01934 643961 or email

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