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Equinox Marketing partners with PC Comms

Equinox Marketing, the specialist marketing and copywriting provider has partnered with PC Comms to create and implement a full marketing strategy.

PC Comms, based in Bridgwater, has been supporting businesses across the West country since 2003.

There IT specialists understand the challenges that businesses like yours face every day. Whether it’s the lack of connectivity, IT downtime, poor staff productivity, or the need to improve IT security, PC Comms are there to help you.

PC Comms have now partnered with Equinox Marketing to implement a full-scale marketing strategy, combining both direct and digital marketing methods. The goal of the strategy is to increase customer acquisition and fuel growth.

Harley Brown, Managing Director of PC Comms commented; “We have been looking at implementing a marketing strategy for quite a while, but we haven’t had the time or resources to do it ourselves. Equinox have been highly professional, talking us through each step of the process and have planned a comprehensive marketing strategy which we are working together to implement. I am extremely excited to see where this partnership takes us in the future.”

Equinox Marketing is extremely passionate about helping small to medium sized companies like PC Comms, increase their marketing and sales results at affordable and realistic prices. With a range of marketing services from strategy planning, advice and the implementation of marketing campaigns, Equinox has a service that can help your business excel.

Troy Hannam, Managing Director of Equinox Marketing Commented; “PC Comms provide an excellent service and I’m delighted that we have partnered together. A strong marketing strategy combined with an excellent service is an unstoppable combination. The mix of digital and direct marketing methods means we will be reaching as many prospects as possible and I can’t wait to see the results.”

For more information or a quote on Equinox’s digital or direct marketing services call 01934 643961 or email


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